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    Photo: Helgi Throsteinsson/

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Gunnar Sivertsen Internationalization in Nordic sociology and the relation to American Sociology
Peter Sjögårde A comparison of coverage and citation matching in Google Scholar, Web of Science and Scopus
Dr. M. Nagarajan, R. Abarna, Dr. L. Mohamed Idhris Dr. T. P. M. Library Economic Growth, Population Growth and Research Productivity of Nordic countries – A Scientometricians view with special reference to Arthritis Research
Timothy D. Bowman Tweet or publish: An analysis of Association of American Universities (AAU) scholars on Twitter.
Rodrigo Costas, Stefanie Haustein,  Vincent Larivière The heterogeneity of social media metrics and its effects on statistics
Alesia Zuccala, Frederik Verleysen, and Tim Engels The Societal Impact of History Texts: Lay Readership and the ‘Altmetric' value of Goodreads
Björn Hammarfelt, Gustaf Nelhans, Pieta Eklund The heterogeneous landscape of bibliometric indicators: Evaluating models for allocating resources at Swedish Universities
Rasmus Vendelbo Lund Jensen  Can we use co-word analysis and bibliometric maps for detecting mega trends in the green transition of the urban areas?
Pei-Shan Chi  Citations beyond WoS: a delineation of non-source citations in political science
Frederik Verleysen and Tim Engels  Bibliometric profiling of monograph authors in the Social Sciences and Humanities
 Guillaume Warnan*  Iceland International Collaboration 
Stefanie Haustein, Kim Holmberg, Timothy D. Bowman, Vincent Larivière  Automated arXiv feeds on Twitter: On the role of bots in scholarly communication
Dag W. Aksnes, Thed N. van Leeuwen, Gunnar Sivertsen and Erik van Wijk Changing patterns of international scientific collaboration
Susanne Mikki Polar research at the University of Bergen – an bibliometric approach
Dag W. Aksnes & Kristoffer Rørstad Factors influencing the scientific productivity of university departments and research institutes
Leif Eriksson Can money steer the scientific publishing?
Michael Ochsner, Sven E. Hug, & Hans-Dieter Daniel „Validity Issues of Bibliometric and Performance Indicators: What we can Learn from the Case of the Humanities“
David Minguillo, Maria Prager, Hanna-Kari Andeersson Research performance of PhD students and different categories of faculty members at Chalmers University of Technology
Hanna-Mari Puuska,  Janne Pölönen Disciplinary differences in concentration of publications to journals
Jesper Wiborg Schneider, Costas Comesana, R.

The ‘recruitment' rate of new scientists publishing highly cited publications 

Dr. J. P. S .Kumaravel, Dr .A. Manoharan, Dr. D. Alex Social Academic Networking of Nordic Countries in the field of Biochemistry – A scientometric approach
Assist. Prof. Dr. Zeynep Kaplan  Systems of Nanotechnology Innovation in Turkey from an Institutional Perspective1
Dorte Henriksen Authorship in Academia
Truyken Ossenblock Book editors as nodes in a collaboration network in the Social Sciences and Humanities

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