Rannsóknasjóður: september 2017

28.9.2017 : Uppröðun og hreyfifræði í varmavirkum nanómynstruðum segulkerfum - verkefni lokið

The results obtained in the project will be further used for theoretical understanding of the physics of interacting and frustrated systems, developing magnetic materials and creating new systems of artificial spin arrangements.

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5.9.2017 : Efnasambönd og framboð fyrir örverur í jarðhitavatni - verkefni lokið

Our data suggests that in particular in water with pH~6 and above, Fe speciation may be controlled by equilibrium with Fe(III) hydroxide solid phase, but in acid waters equilibrium may not have been reached with Fe(II) and Fe(III) being controlled by other factors such as source(s), kinetics, and microbial reactions. 

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