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The main application is that of demonstrating the relevance of biosocialities-and-hierarchies perspective for the purpose of resolving ethical and social dilemmas in biopolitics; of particular relevance are Prainsack's works on “solidarity” and Pálsson's works on “geosociality” and “geopolitics”.

The project has explored “biosocial relations” (relations involved in the commingling of biology and society) and the hierarchies involved in specific sites and contexts, among humans and between humans and other-than-humans. It has resulted in numerous publications on different aspects of biosociality, advancing at the same time a general perspective of solidarity that may prove useful for addressing concerns and problems associated with biopolitics and bioethics.  

Outputs: 8 books, 11 articles in reviewed journals, 7+ book chapters, and 13+ presentations (GP). Some of our key articles, however, are published in Open Access.

Heiti verkefnis: Líffélagsleg tengsl
Enskt heiti: Biosocial Relations and Hierarchies
Verkefnisstjóri: Gísli Pálsson, Háskóla Íslands

Tegund styrks: Verkefnisstyrkur
Styrktímabil: 2013-2015
Fjárhæð styrks: 19,052 millj. kr. alls
Tilvísunarnúmer Rannís:  130549 

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