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ReSource International today completed a two-year phase of R&D work on the Gas Tracing and Quantification (GASTRAQ) project, funded by the Icelandic Technical Development Fund.

This project makes an important contribution to global climate goals, as it enables businesses and governments to use sensors on drones to fully quantify emissions from emitting industries.Logo tækniþróunarsjóðs

The project mostly focused on methane emissions, and has now been demonstrated to work on gas grid compressor stations, flares, landfills, gas wells, and biogas plants amongst other sources in half a dozen European countries for some of the largest companies in the oil and gas and waste sectors. Methane leak reduction is one of the most important and prioritised goals of current climate action, with the majority of the world’s countries pledging to reduce emissions by 30% by 2030.

ReSource now operates this service commercially and will continue to expand its operations around Europe, along with licensing the technology to partners who wish to use it in their own operations or on a sub-contractual basis. Academic journal articles based on the data collected during the project are being written in collaboration with Equinor and the University of Manchester in England.


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