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ENVALYS, a company which advocates and supports the design and development of sustainable communities, environments and structures to support the health and overall wellbeing of people and the planet, continues to introduce, through its platform, a new methodology called Restorative Environmental Design (RED). 

RED is a practical approach to design that is built on observed and measured data research and implementation, concerned with restorative environments.

Over the last year, ENVALYS has taken multiple steps towards business development, market visibility and the refinement of its brand and product, both locally in Iceland and internationally. These initiatives included the development of its core messaging, to reflect its primary mission of creating healthier, more sustainable communities, and create concise descriptions for its core platform tools, VRTerrain and VRPsychLab, aligned to the needs of its target audiences.

Logo tækniþróunarsjóðsENVALYS also matured its web presence and communications processes, yielding multiple news items and high-visibility speaking engagements that enabled the company to educate community planning stakeholders of its 3d virtual reality and data collection platform. The greater visibility and development of business processes better positioned ENVALYS to win targeted partner projects. Additionally, ENVALYS leveraged VRTerrain and VRPsychLab within its platform to visually convey its product and mission, build visibility, and capture valuable public insights on emerging and implemented community projects. These initiatives served the dual purpose of creating organic public product use trials and gave the company valuable input to further perfect its user experience, analyze public sentiment and integrate these perspectives into their partner projects.

Going forward, ENVALYS will utilize the research, data and practical growth and marketing strategies gained through the grant period to inform greater market reach within Iceland. Further, ENVALYS will leverage this momentum it has created to develop its brand visibility, business development and partner network to increase adoption of its platform in international community planning and architectural design markets, as well as promote RED methodologies among international academia.

HEITI VERKEFNIS: Sjálfbærar borgir framtíðarinnar 3: Markaðssetning

Verkefnisstjóri: Páll Jakob Líndal

Styrkþegi: ENVRALYS ehf.

Tegund styrks: Markaðsstyrkur

Fjöldi styrkára: 1

Fjárhæð styrks: 10.000.000 ISL kr. alls


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